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Counseling Services

Our Vision
We are dedicated to the support, growth and development of our counselors, who have unprecedented relevant, on-going training in a collaborative environment so they are better prepared to walk with you on your journey to a happy fulfilling life.

Our Mission
We exist to empower individuals, couples, families and groups to increase happiness, loving connections, peace and self-worth through supportive therapeutic relationships.

What We Value

  • Growth: Learning and reaching together
  • Integrity: Whole authenticity
  • Confidentiality: You choose who hears your story
  • Inclusion: Everyone is welcome
  • Empowerment: Just enough help to do it yourself
  • Accountability: Owning our stuff and support for others to do the same
  • Excellence: Pursuit of what is best in this moment
  • Advocacy: We’re here to help
  • Vulnerability: Creating safe space to explore emotional exposure


Counseling For Children

At Family Essentials you are an important part of your child’s counseling process. The first appointment for children up to age 13 is with just you, the parent(s). We want to hear from the expert on your child – and that’s you! Once we have the opportunity for an unfiltered conversation with you, the counselor will begin meeting with your child.

Counseling for Adults

At Family Essentials Counseling we offer a safe and compassionate environment for you to get the healing and help you need. Whether you are in the middle of a crisis or just struggling and needing an objective ear or someone to listen and care.

Counseling for Families

Family counseling is a way to improve relationships within the family by reducing stress and conflict and improving interactions between family members. The primary difference between this and individual counseling is the emphasis in family counseling is the health and well-being of the family rather than the individual, which naturally increases the health and well-being of the individual members.

Online Counseling

As with all other TeleMedicine, TeleMental Health requires additional training and specialized HIPAA-compliant internet access for the provider, but you can access it through any web-enabled device. Family Essentials has done the work to provide you with access to care that meets your needs for flexibility and security.

Counseling for Teens

If you are a teenager, we recognize that sometimes teenagers lack parental support and need to be able to access help. The state of Washington allows you to seek help independently. In fact, your records cannot be released to anyone without your written consent. We can help you get the help and support you need.

Counseling for Couples

Stepping into the choice to seek help for your relationship can feel like jumping the Grand Canyon. First, you have to face that your partnership is struggling – which is scary all by itself. If you aren’t familiar with counseling, it can be confusing and overwhelming – finding the right counselor, dealing with your insurance, scheduling a time that works for both you and your partner and the therapist require effort and a certain amount of confidence that the process will be worth it.

Counseling for Groups

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