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Counseling For Teens

Counseling For Teens

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Developmentally, adolescence is a clunky time for everyone – teenagers and parents alike. Everything can feel out of sync and the pieces aren’t lining up in ways that make sense. It can seem like all of the sudden kids are fully exposed to complicated, dangerous and precarious experiences and their tether to you is much longer than it used to be. This can increase your anxiety as a parent and theirs too, making it more difficult to connect and relate.

You and/or your teen can benefit from counseling if:

  • They are feeling frustrated & scared
  • They won’t talk to you about what’s really happening
  • You’re feeling helpless to help them
  • You know or suspect unsafe behavior is happening, alcohol, or self-harm behavior (cutting, sexually acting out, experimenting with drugs, etc.)
  • Your teen is constantly troubled by challenges with their friends
  • Your teen struggles with depression and/or anxiety
  • You know they need support, but they reject it from you
  • You know you need support – as a person and as a parent
  • You are feeling sad because they aren’t the sweet kid you used to know

Through counseling your teen can have:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Positive modeling & mentoring
  • Better emotional regulation
  • Safe & neutral space for your teen to communicate with you
  • Respect & understanding from an empathetic other adult which scaffolds self-discovery
  • Support to see responsibility as self-empowering & freeing
  • Education for making safe choices

Through counseling you can have:

  • Parent help in the often-confusing art of parenting a teenager
  • Scaffolding for parents to strengthen capacity for patience and understanding

If you are a teenager, we recognize that sometimes teenagers lack parental support and need to be able to access help. The state of Washington allows you to seek help independently. In fact, your records cannot be released to anyone without your written consent. We can help you get the help and support you need.