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About Us

Our Vision
We are dedicated to the support, growth and development of our counselors, who have unprecedented relevant, on-going training in a collaborative environment so they are better prepared to walk with you on your journey to a happy fulfilling life.

Our Mission
We exist to empower individuals, couples, families and groups to increase happiness, loving connections, peace and self-worth through supportive therapeutic relationships.

What We Value

  • Growth: Learning and reaching together
  • Integrity: Whole authenticity
  • Confidentiality: You choose who hears your story
  • Inclusion: Everyone is welcome
  • Empowerment: Just enough help to do it yourself
  • Accountability: Owning our stuff and support for others to do the same
  • Excellence: Pursuit of what is best in this moment
  • Advocacy: We’re here to help
  • Vulnerability: Creating safe space to explore emotional exposure


We have two convenient locations located in the valley and on the north side.